DL Space Atrium

City Centre at your arm’s length

DL Space Atrium is located in one of the service and office facilities at Al. Korfantego 138. The mixed-use campus combines both the office functions and the service functions, aimed at meeting any every-day needs of the facility users. The building is located in a perfect place, near one of the main roads leading to the city centre.

When creating DL Space Atrium, our idea was to support small and medium-sized enterprises, or startups looking for their own place in the business environment.

The offer includes mainly office suite spaces dedicated for work of 1–5 persons with possible expansion depending on the needs, with a common kitchenette, conference rooms, and a reading room – all at a very attractive lease price.

One of the assumptions of the DL Space project was full cooperation and building a supportive business community. As part of the events, there are cyclical discussion panels, legal advisory meetings, accounting advisory meetings, led by specialists and corporation managers.

DL Space Premium
Korfantego 138, Katowice

19 office suites

Conference room
for 14

Meeting room
for 6


Rest and refreshment space

We are at your disposal


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e-mail: kontakt@dlspace.com.pl
tel.: +48 570 700 017